Latin Love has appeared because we love latin dance and we love to make people happy. When we travelled in Africa, Asia and Europe we saw that all people love dancing so for this reason we decided to share our experience by creating Latin Love Franchise.
Here are a couple of reasons why Latin Love Franchise is world class and the best choice for you:
1. We have created a smart website that is able to keep up all the logistics behind the dance classes, for example:
  • Keep a database with all the students details and subscription so you can always see who's subscription is valid or expired
  • Be able to create events and invite students to participate
  • Accept online payments
  • Newsletter that will keep in touch with the students and help create a beautiful community
  • Keep track of a loyalty programme that will give students the opportunity to invite friends and win a free month of classes, in the end, helping the community to grow
2. We offer our full support for the benefit of your new school:
  • Trainings in dancing
  • Trainings in teaching and personal development
  • Help out with your dance shows
  • Tips in marketing and studio renting to maximise your profits
3. Monthly trainings with 2 of the main teachers from your dance school with Mihai and Cristina and a yearly training with an international artist.
Apply with your details and let's discuss together how can we make you a successful dance school owner.
Let's make people happy, together.