Questions & Answers

Dancing is fun, easy to learn, helps you make friends easily and it's good exercise💃🕺
Just call us and visit our studio in Barking and we will help you choose the best class for you💃🕺
If you have a partner, great. If not, no problem, most of our students join alone💃🕺
Comfortable clothes and shoes💃🕺
Common question by our dear students, it all depends on how fast you are learning and what you understand by "good". From our experience we see people enjoying on the dance floor after 3 to 6 months of classes, it can be sooner or later, depends on you💃🕺
Every two weeks we are doing a Practice Party in our dance studio where all our students gather to dance and even students from other schools. Also every month we are going to central London to join big parties where all London schools go💃🕺
Our classes have a very good system that helps you advance, after 3 months as a beginner you will have an exam and receive a certificate and after that you will be an Improver, we also have the Intermediate and Advanced Level💃🕺
Most of people join just to have fun but each time we find someone with great potential we give them our full support to be on stage and competitions💃🕺
With more than 6 years of teaching experience around the world in countries like Romania, Egypt, Malaysia, Singapore and UK what makes Latin Love unique is that this is a family dance school, Mihai and Cristina are partners on the dance floor and outside and their daughter is already training to be a dancer. Their classes combines technical explanation but also fun moments to help students relax and learn in a positive environment💃🕺
This has a great advantage for the students, first of all you are in a secure environment, you have parking offered by the centre and before or after the class you can do your shopping or enjoy a cup of coffee💃🕺
No contract need it and you have the option of pay as you go classes and also a monthly subscription that gives you huge discounts💃🕺

Just a few of the questions people ask themselves, answered with a negative answer that stops them to enjoy a Salsa class, or any other type of dance🤩🔥❤️

We are happy to answer to any other questions you might have. The summer is coming and we are preparing many fun classes and events, now it's the best moment to join Latin Love Family💃🕺😍