The dance of love

Bachata was not as popular in the past as it is today. Its origins can be traced back to the beginning of the 20th century, as it was a mix of Bolero (a slow and sensual dance) and African elements At that time, due to the sharp class separation in the Dominican Republic, Bachata was considered unrefined entertainment. 

Bachata was isolated and not recognized for some time, and due to its “heartbreaking” lyrics, it was confined to local bars and cabarets. In fact, since it was considered dance music for the “underprivileged class”, it was confined to poor neighborhoods. As time passed, and the stereotyping of Bachata music remained the same for some time, it eventually started to develop into a very sensual and romantic type of dance, expressing sexuality, while dancing in close embrace with sensual hip movements, provoking partners to express passion, similar to Bolero.