Learning from Fernando Sosa

All the time we are teaching our dear students that you can be better and we also live by the same saying. 

That's why along the years we had the privilege to learn from people like Johnny Vazquez, Oliver Pineda, Leon Rose, Ataca and La Alemana, Adrian Pop

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Grand Opening New Dance Studio in Barking

On 1st of September we had the Grand Opening of our new dance studio in Barking, London. After living in London for 1 year and renting a studio by the hour we decided to take a big step and open up our own studio. The good part was that we already had the experience

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Salsa & Bachata în Ploiesti | Grupa de Începatori

Salsa & Bachata în Ploiesti | Grupa de Începatori•Instructorii tai preferati de Salsa & Bachata, Mihai si Cristina Banu, au revenit in Ploiesti dupa ce au deschis si condus scoli de Salsa în Cairo Egipt si Londra Anglia.•Vino alaturi de noi în cel mai

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