About us

Everything started in 2013 in a kingdom far far away, called Romania where a young dancer by the name of Mihai Banu had the initiative of starting Latin Love, a local dance school with a few students. 

Little did they know that the world is waiting for them to share their passion for dancing and life. In only 1 year they managed to build one of the biggest dance schools in the country and opened a beautiful studio in the heart of the city. 

Together with his partner, Cristina Simion, they where invited in Cairo by the Egyptian Prince named Ahmed Hatem where they were able to create a powerful dance school that everyone loves. 

During their time in Cairo they were invited to teach and perform in Singapore and Malaysia where they met wonderful people with whom they still keep in touch.  

A new age came to life, the age of family, this was the time when Mihai asked Cristina to marry him and live together happily ever after.  Fairy tale ending or better said beginning, because after the wedding, princess Sophie was born and their adventure took a new turn. 

After that, they left to United Kingdom in London where you can currently find them, making people happy throughout dancing.  

Mark Twain said that the two most important days in our life are the day we are born and the day we find out why. 25th of February 2013 was the day we found out why: to share our passion for dance and life with everyone.  

Shall we dance?